Dada Wines
Dada Wines

After 'Bottle Rack' by Marcel Duchamp. Photo: Brian Culy

Eschewing traditional categorisation, the Dada Wines are unorthodox blends that encompass the best of the region’s diverse landscape and varieties.

We believe that blending enables us to create complex, complete, elegant and restrained wines that could not be made with the conventional constraints imposed by single vineyards, single terroir or single varieties.

While singularity undoubtedly has its place in the world of fine wines, our aim is to create wines unlike any other that combine lightness and purity with depth and substance.

The wines vibrant, ripe yet fresh fruit characters, undoubtedly offer a sense of place; Hawkes Bay, New Zealand but here the references end. Throw away your textbook, reject the safety of the predictable, for the possibility of an extraordinary experience.

Dada 1 is a blended white wine from distinguished sites in the Mangatahi, Te Awanga and Gimblett Gravels sub-regions.  It is predominantly Sauvignon Blanc with contributions from all or some of the following varieties depending on the vintage: Viognier, Semillon, Gewurztraminer, Chenin Blanc.

Dada 1 is a complex, dry wine, with a restrained yet layered aroma of dried herbs, spicy white stonefruit, citrus, smoke and flint.  It is powerful wine whose intensity and presence is carried by a precise, razor like acidity that provides incredible length.

Download 2008 Dada 1 tasting notes

Dada 2 is blended red wine from the Gimblett Gravels and Triangle regions.  It is predominantly Merlot with contributions from Syrah and Cabernet Franc, depending on the vintage. It references the exchange of wine that existed in the 19th Century between Bordeaux and Hermitage.

Dada 2 is of an almost impenetrable black hued purple red. Subdued at first, the wine has an increasingly powerful bouquet of dark red plum and berry fruits, with slate, spices and lifted violets. Fine grained tannins provide support for the rich, ripe fruit and a subtle frame for the lingering acidity.

Dada 2 is made and bottled without Sulphur Dioxide (SO2).

The exact composition of each wine changes year to year, and is entirely determined by the quality of the fruit that particular vintage. We desire that the wine reflects the growing season - in a cooler year the wine will be more fresh and lively and in a warmer year the wine will be more rich - while still retaining the essence of Dada Wines – elegance, restraint, density and power.

Download 2009 Dada 2 tasting notes

The fingers of a wooden hand mannequin is used to graphically represent the numerical symbol of the Dada Wines. It is both unconventional and a...