Dada Wines
Dada Wines

When we first released Dada 1 2007 on an unsuspecting public we decided that we should remain anonymous. At the time it seemed like a great idea – we preferred that the wine spoke for itself and reflected who we are. Apparently most people had a different idea.  The anonymity, bold packaging and absence of information led people to believe that we were either affiliated to a big corporate or were exceedingly rich and arrogant. We’re not any of those things, so here goes.

Founded in 2006, Dada Wines was established with the sole aim of creating unique, non-classifiable and exceptional wines.

Partners in life and winemaking, David hails from France and Kate is a New Zealander. In making Dada, we combine old world and new world experience, and knowledge of ancestral and ultra modern techniques, in more than 30 years experience in the industry.  DADA is our personal, artisanal project; a chance to indulge our love of fine wine, art and design and share the result with others. 

David Ramonteu is from a winemaking background; he grew up in the mountainous Pyrenean farming and winegrowing region, where his family has an estate, Domaine Cauhape in Jurancon. David graduated from Bordeaux with a Master’s degree (1998), before joining French wine research company Oenodev as a consultant, work that took him around the world – and to New Zealand. David now lives in New Zealand, working for wineries throughout the country as a wine consultant.  His ongoing affiliation with Oenodev ensures he is kept abreast of new developments in wine technology.

New Zealand born Kate Galloway is chief winemaker for Alpha Domus winery. In addition, she works with David to produce wine under their labels, Dada and Alluviale. Kate had a career as a chef, including several years working in Europe, before returning home to pursue her love of wine, and her interest in New Zealand’s burgeoning wine industry. She has a Bachelor of Wine Science (1998) from EIT Hawkes Bay in association with Charles Sturt University, graduating with Academic Excellence. 

Kate and David live by the sea in Hawkes Bay with their two young children, Gala and Saul, and a collection of ceramics, paintings, old cars and trinkets. 

The fingers of a wooden hand mannequin is used to graphically represent the numerical symbol of the Dada Wines. It is both unconventional and a...